Elephants at the Uni :)

You will never believe what happened yesterday at the university. I was done with my test and left the exam hall when I bounced into 2 huge elephants cheerfully playing on the grass! 
I know it sounds weird... it is indeed...  You might ask now whose idea it was... Well...  Erasmus University has at least 10 crazy student organizations,  always eager to gain some new members so they come up with the strangest ideas to get your attention!    I remember, in  September  the XY  team had a bungee jumping event  on campus, 2 weeks later an extra long limo - arranged by the XX association- was ready to take you for a ride around the city!  There is a concrete staff to organize parties and study trips almost every week to make sure that you have a busy student (night)life... And believe me, it has been like this ever since... and I find this awesome:)


Nagyon cukik! Kedven állataim! Te vetted fel a telefonoddal? :)

Nem en voltam. Sajnos az en telefonommal ilyeneket nem lehet csinalni, ellenben piros es jol nez ki. na?

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