Snowed in


My secret dinner :)

It is always a culinary adventure for me to discover a new restaurant here in Budapest. But I never thought that I would have to make several phone calls; walk trought a ruin-pub and enter an abandoned staircase in order to have a nice dinner in a 1st floor-apartment decorated in my grandmother`s style.

Kitchen cabinet: just like at my grandma's

Finding it's customers through friends and a website this tucked-away place invites curious foodies to a private dining room. And what makes this place so special? Firstly, the idea that you can have a nice dinner in a place which doesn't open it's doors to just anyone makes you feel fancy. Secondly, the owner of the place - who is the cook and the waiter at the same time - is a really nice guy. Not only he is always around and walks by a lot so if you need something, you can ask immediately but his whole personality is so open-minded and funny that you don't even want to leave the place anymore. :)

The private dinning room- guess it is always full :)

However it was a bit pricey but we all had a great time there and I will surely go back but please sssh! Don’t tell anyone!!!

Finished with your dinner? Have a drink at the bar!


Anna has arrived!

Anna Martonosi (my friend, Kati's first daughter) arrived on the 1st January, weighing 3200 gramms!! Here are some photos of her - taken by Acyd - a few weeks after she was born, saying a big 'hello' to you. :)

She's such a cutie and definitely the new apple of my eye. Oh....I can't wait spoiling her! :)

Almodovar... again


Már megint Bécs!

Tudom-tudom... Lassan minden hétvégét itt töltök...:) Múlt hétvégén Zitus is kijött velem, mert Peter csak vasárnap érkezett haza Ausztráliából. Mivel Zizz szokás szerint nagyon kis precíz volt és máris megírta az élménybeszámolót ezért élek a lustasági indítvánnyal és belinkelem ide. Zizz igazán jó utastárs. :) Egyébként nagyon szuper hétvége volt, múzeummal, főzéssel és csavargással. A legjobban pedig azt élveztem, hogy mivel a bolhapiac tele volt a volt Jugoszláviából áttelepült árusokkal, picit tudtam szerbül is gyakorolni.


Almodovar OMG!!!!!


What I have been doing lately?

Two words: not much. Lazing most the past weekends in thoughts I have no control over or watching TV, reading books also taking nice walks in beautiful Vienna with my colleagues Who came to visit us for a day. As many Hungarians know starting at the end of November lasting till Christmas Day you can find Christmas markets on each and every corner of Vienna. The small huts are full off with potential handmade Christmas presents, food and the most important: hot punch and wine. The biggest one is at the Vienna City Hall. So basicly this place is the most popular one among tourists in these days, but we also visited Hofburg, the Spanish Riding School, the Naschtmarkt, St. Stephen's Chatedral and the Hundertwasser House. It was so much fun to become a tour guide for a day even if we got lost a couple of times...

Click here for some photos of Vienna