My secret dinner :)

It is always a culinary adventure for me to discover a new restaurant here in Budapest. But I never thought that I would have to make several phone calls; walk trought a ruin-pub and enter an abandoned staircase in order to have a nice dinner in a 1st floor-apartment decorated in my grandmother`s style.

Kitchen cabinet: just like at my grandma's

Finding it's customers through friends and a website this tucked-away place invites curious foodies to a private dining room. And what makes this place so special? Firstly, the idea that you can have a nice dinner in a place which doesn't open it's doors to just anyone makes you feel fancy. Secondly, the owner of the place - who is the cook and the waiter at the same time - is a really nice guy. Not only he is always around and walks by a lot so if you need something, you can ask immediately but his whole personality is so open-minded and funny that you don't even want to leave the place anymore. :)

The private dinning room- guess it is always full :)

However it was a bit pricey but we all had a great time there and I will surely go back but please sssh! Don’t tell anyone!!!

Finished with your dinner? Have a drink at the bar!