Done with the exams

Budapest  on a sunny october day :)

It's the first block that has ended with the last exam yesterday. (Results are expected within 4 weeks.) To celebrate that we organized a faculty dinner in a local restaurant, called Villa Kakelbont. We had a terrific time together! I have to say, I am gifted with these people around me! Thanks to the university I gained so many new friends from all over the World . And the fun time just started! :) Finally, I have some time to waste! However not loads of it, the lectures will start next week, but actually I am looking forward to it.

Have I written about my new job, yet? I'm officially hired by the University and will start working as a research assistant next Wednesday. I will share the office with another girl and be supervised by a PhD student, called Nathan. I can't wait to start... Not only because of the pocket money I am going to earn and the HUGE Nespresso machine in the Uni's kitchen, but for the experience.

By the way... Let me upload some pictures of the 5th wedding we attended this year. It is not a joke! It was the 5th - we are totally out of money by now because of buying presents to everyone! :)

The lovebirds and the Chain Bridge
Kiss, Chain Bridge and a baby in the tummy :)
I found the best man - really handsome :)
But this young French man was simply irresistible

After the civil ceremony the best man and I  shared a romantic kiss  in front of the Parliament :)


Oooohhhhhhh, so romantic photos!!! :)

taken by Acyd! find more here: www.mariee.hu

Aww, so beautiful. :-) So glad you have a good man in your life. :-)

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