Trip cancelled!

I found this photo on the internet... Poor horses...

As the ash could from the Icelandic volcano still hangs over Europe I could not make it to Strasbourg to participate in the study session. Due to the volcano caused flight chaos, the organizers decided to postpone the whole event to another date... Actually, they were really nice. Not only have they sent out emails, but called each and every participatns making sure that nobody leaves to Strasbourg. Forecasts say that this ash cloud is likely to spread in the coming days, but nobody can tell how long the eruption could last... Poor people living in Iceland! Houndreds of them fled away... I really hope that they are safe and sound!

Anyway, I have been thinking about my cancelled trip to France. While it is sad and I am deeply disappointed I try to focus on the advantages of it. Firstly, I gained some extra time to finish my academic letters for the Fulbright scholarship. Secondly, I can practise more for the TOEFL exam. And believe or not it is not as bad as it sounds! :) I have never ever felt that motivated before to finish with some essays as I do now. :) But I am still to figure out how to practice more frequent so I might ask for some days off at work...


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