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Traveling means different things to people I know: love, business, happiness, karma, addiction, a tour or just a hobby… But somehow we all get convinced at the end to remove the fancy shoes, the tight belts and jewelry in order to get through the security gate at the airport.

Why do I travel? I adore it. I adore the planning, the independence, the miracle of being able to wake up on one side of the world and lay my head down on the other...all in the same day. It is still a great pleasure for me to meet people from all over the world or just find my lost friends from the past, while I am traveling around this planet…

Am I looking for something? Well, there is nothing specific, but whatever it is, I haven’t found it yet. That is why I happily change from suits to jeans and put my serious face off every single time I travel somewhere. Although this means that I am regarded as the black sheep at work. I don’t know how it’s possible, but I always happen to be the first person to take a holiday, and then I mysteriously run out of days off by early May. That means having to pretend I have a sore throat, or that I’m suffering from a terrible headache, so I can take sick leave. (Actually, I am never sick. When everybody is laid low I am still bouncing and find out crazy ideas to entertain them.)

So in early May I usually hit a point where I start having 'good days' and 'bad days' where I go from being delighted with my life in Hungary, to booking air tickets online for my next journey (on good days) to not being motivated at public procurements (on bad days) or having fights with people who don’t want to sign contracts (on really bad days!!!!).

Am I addicted to travelling? Maybe. Am I the only one? Probably not. I have given up on finding the answer, so maybe it will come more easily. I’ve surrendered to the possibility.

My blog, Juci útja (Juci’s journey) is about what I observe hear and experience in my every day life (when I dream about traveling) and during my journeys (when I actually do it). Anyway, I believe that this is all going to turn out fine in the end and hope that you will enjoy reading my blog - in spite of the fact that my English is not outstanding - as much as I love writing it.

All the best,



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